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..A Slow Descent [DEGRASSi RP]

Slow Descent RP
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01. Journals must be updated three times a week. Any less will result in a cut warning. Weeks run in intervals between Saturday-Friday.
02. It's not required, but is preferred that you're interactive and comment on other character's journals. If you never comment on other people's journals, it will have an effect on what's considered to be active in the community.
03. All newly accepted members will be under a one-week probation period, starting the day of their acceptance. If we feel you aren't fit for the community, you may be cut at any time during the probation.
05. This is not a first come, first serve community. Please fill out the application and post at slowdescentmod. Please have a first entry in your journal before applying. To assure you have read the rules, please put "Is it a house, or is it a lunchbox?" where is says "Did you read the rules?"

Desired Character:
Journal // AIM Name:
Did you read the rules?:
Do you have prior RP experience? Provide links if possible:
Why would you like to play this character?:

06. This community is Free Plot, however, our starting point is immediately after Islands In The Stream.
07. Instead of saying "Is it a house, or is it a lunchbox?" in your application, say, "Kiss sweet bacon?" to assure you have in fact read all the rules!
08. All posts to the community must be made Friends Only, or they will be deleted.
09. Have fun! This is a mature community, and we're not going babysit you and limit you. Please use your best judgement at all times.

Additional Notes

01. You will recieve an invitation to the community if you've been accepted. Please be sure to also add the community to your friends page, as there will be frequent maintainer updates.
02. If there are ever any questions or concerns, or for any reason, you cannot be active, please contact one of the maintainers. We're more than happy to help anyone that needs it, and will of course, hold roles as long as we can, situation permitting.
03. We will be selective with who we choose for this community. We're looking for mature and active RPers who are familiar with their character, but can also add depth and expand their character.
04. If you feel we are too "strict" with our rules, please talk to one of the maintainers, we won't bite your heads off. We will try to help as best we can without compromising what we feel is best for the community.
05. The staff reserves the right to remove, cut, and/or ban any member at any time, permitting that we don't feel their presence is positive for the community.

Characters in Play

Alex: lexloathesyou // lex loathes you
Ashley Kerwin: outlined_in_ash // ashleyunperfect
Chris Sharpe: sharpe_spinnin // Sharpe Spinnin
Craig Manning: hrtbrkrcmanning // cmylonelyheart
Darcy: newchickdarcy // Loads of Spirit
Ellie Nash: nashedxtaters // nashedxpotatoes
Emma Nelson: _nonconformist // N0NC0NF0RMISTXX
Heather Sinclaire: sinclaireh // harajuku heather
Jimmy Brooks: x_hoopdreams // xHoopDreamin
Hazel Aden: missconformity // misssconformity
Manny Santos: _msantos // santos smiles
Paige Michalchuk: thelovelypaige // paigem loves you
Rick Murray: different_now // different now88
Sean Cameron: gangstarr_sean // gangstarr sean
Spinner Mason: thelunacyspin // the lunacy spin
Sully: sully_sizzles // SizzlingSully

Available Characters - Bolded are key characters who are NEEDED.

Danny Van Zandt
Dylan Michalchuk
Jay Hogart
JT Yorke
Kendra Mason
Liberty Van Zandt
Marco Del Rossi

Matt Oleander
Nadia Jamir
Terri McGreggor
Toby Issacs



Staff Info

Founded & Owned by: slowdescentmod [ hipswithdreams ]

All community icons and graphics are made by the community owner. ©